About Us

     Metro Detroit Schutzhund and Police K9 Club (MDSC) is a full- member club of the United SchH Clubs of America (USCA) and located in southeast Michigan. Our members are a diverse group ranging from beginner handlers to highly accomplished National Level Competitors. As a group we are interested in competing and titling in SchH/IPO while maintaining the value in owning a highly trained family protection-dog.

The foundation training utilized at MDSC seamlessly transfers to all facets of working dog training, whether it be home companions or high end police K9's. Our system is simple; a solid training philosophy combined with consistent practice yields the best results. No trendy gimmicks just fundamental training.

MDSC welcomes all breeds and handlers of all experience levels. If you enjoy dog training, thrive on achieving team-oriented goals, and love the outdoors, IPO could be for you. We have a large, motivated group with an open-door membership policy. If you are curious about our sport, you are welcome to come and see what it's all about at one of our scheduled training days.

     -Team MDSC